Ruth Juursema

Ruth Juursema is a Dutch actor based in The Netherlands. In the past few years, she has gained ample experience in acting for the camera. Her current resume includes various upcoming and released feature films (spoken roles), TV series, short films, commercials, and other corporate presenting and acting work. Since 2022, acting and presenting have been her full-time occupation. She has since expanded her work, diving into directing and producing various (low-budget) short and feature films as well. Her directorial debut (outside of the 48Hour Competition circuit) has been selected to be screened at the prestigious Dutch Film Festival in September 2023. She is best known for her role in the Dutch TV series “Anoniem”, for BNN/VARA and streaming on NPO Plus. Later this year, a second TV series she has portrayed a role in, “Nemesis”, will stream on Disney+. Various short film projects and an upcoming feature film will tour the international film festival circuit. 



Ruth was born in Germany, to Dutch parents and moved to the Netherlands at the age of one. She went to high school in Hilversum and this is where her love of acting, theatre, and film began. She started following improv and acting classes, while attending high school and nurtured her craft. After high school she took a gap year to travel the world, visiting Central America, the United States, and South-East Asia. While attending university in Leiden, obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology, she continued pursuing acting, partaking in a student movie and following a minor in theatre & film. In her final two years at Leiden University, she simultaneously studied Strasberg, Meisner, Voice Work, and Camera Acting at Mulholland Academy, where she is learning still. Her last course has been on emotional authenticity for the actor, given by Pattie Martins Acting Studio.


Lara (lead)                                            Al Millenium (pre-production)              Hakim Amir (2024) (feature)

SWAT agent (guest role)                      The Sovereigns (post production)          Rajbir Singh (2023) (feature)

Flirt in park (supporting)                      Fazant (post production)                       Cyrion Willems (2023) (feature)

Erika (supporting)                                Lipid (in production)                             Denniz Hout & Ruth Juursema                                                                                      (2023) (feature)

Jenny (co-lead)                                     The Gift                                               Nick Cremers (2023) (short)

Nina (supporting)                                 The Observer                                       Joris Donvil (2023) (short)

Emily (lead)                                          Burnt Out                                            Faten Bushehri (2023) (short)

Sam Spijkers (supporting)                     Talking Walls                                      Jarno Pors (2023) (short)

Doctor                                                 The Wandering Image (post-productie) Leah Zhang (2023) (short)

Dragon slayer                                       Draconian Measures (post-productie)    Roland Gotjé (2023) (short)

Mysterious hippie (lead)                        The Death of a Paperback novelist        Bram Kwantes Film (2023) (short)

Fighter vs. Doppelganger (lead)            Twilight Dice (post production)            Roland Gotjé (2022) (short)

Jolanda van Megen (supporting)            Wanneer hebben wij elkaar voor het      Jarno Pors & Ruth Juursema (2022)

                                                            laatst gezien?                                        (short)

Enthusiastic employee (lead)                 Mind Factory                                       La Crea (2021) (short)

Julia (Age 24) (lead)                              Na Regen Komt Zonneschijn                 Film Makers (2021) (short)

Nerd girl/girlfriend (lead)                     Glasses                                                 Jay Partapsing (2019) (short)

Claire (supporting)                               Wilted                                                  Anna Ronner (2019) (student)

Auburn (supporting)                             Chroma Gap                                         VR productions (2018) (short)

Molly (supporting)                               True Love                                            Open Film Team (2017) (short)



Colleague (supporting)                          De Ring (in production)                        BNN/Vara (2024)

Colleague (supporting)                          Nemesis (in production)                        Disney+ (2023)

Hoody / copycat (supporting)               Anoniem                                              BNN/Vara (2023)

Rebel leader (supporting)                      Cry me an Ocean (pilot)                        Bob Yothers (2023)

Elizabeth McKenna (lead)                     MITH (pre-production)                        Dutch Dragons (2023)

Jazzcafé guest (dayplayer                      Ted Lasso                                            Universal Television (2022)

Podium worker (dayplayer)                   Atlanta                                                 FX (2022)

Restaurant guest (dayplayer)                 Sommer Mit Sophie                              Ministry of Film (2016)

Royal guest (dayplayer)                         Beatrix, Oranje Onder Vuur                  VPRO (2012)



Sasha                                                    Pumpkin Patch                                     Mulholland Academy (2020)

Dawn                                                   Swimming with Sharks                         Mulholland Academy (2020)

Nadia                                                   The Vertical Hour                                Mulholland Academy (2020)

Brandy                                                 B*tch Be Crazy                                     Mulholland Academy (2020)

Psychologist                                         Your Mother’s Butt                              Mulholland Academy (2020)

Denise                                                  The Dying City                                    Mulholland Academy (2019)

Nina                                                     The Actress                                          Mulholland Academy (2019)



Black Widow                                        Pharmaceutical company                       CAST Gent (2023)

Separating couple                                 Funda                                                  Roos Drupsteen (2023)

Warehouse employee                            KPN                                                     via Multa (2023)

Lead                                                     Kaartje2Go                                           Upstream Productions (2023)

Vriendin Mila                                       TransIP                                               Het PR Bureau (2023)

Sarah                                                    BakkerElkhuizen                                  Fullframe (2023)

Bachelorette party/carsharing               Dutch Government                               Rogier Sol BV (2022)

Hairdresser / partygoer                        Mitsuba                                                Freshbridge (2022)

Girl in boat with rosé                            ALDI                                                   Indie Amsterdam B.V. (2022)

Citizen                                                 Bol.com Kerst Commercial                    Dept Agency (2021)

Olympic fan                                          Toyota Olympische Spelen Commercial DDB Unlimited (2021)

Wife / car owner                                  Dahua Security Full Color 2.o               Refreshworks (2021)

Employee                                             Sonova ambiance films                          Fulframe (2021)           



Self                                                      Rocket League Fall Tournament           ESL FaeIT Group (2022)

Self                                                      SVO Foods – English learning              Viduate (2022)

Self                                                      Wageningen University & Research      Quickworks (2022)

Self                                                      Desch Plantpak                                     Quickworks (2022)

Self                                                      Goliath Games – Reaxion videos           Fideo (2021)

Self                                                      Hogeschool Vives Roeselare                  Alon Israeli (2019 – ’21)

Self                                                      Samin ICT & Sound – videos                 Samin ICT & Sound (2018 – ’22)



Veneta, VLDOHO, Every Foods, Yunify



Unknown role (TBD)                            Al Millenium (pre-production)              Hakim Amir (2023) (feature)

Bad guys/gang member                        The Sovereigns (in production)             Rajbir Singh (2023) (feature)

Rebel/security guard/friend                 Cry me an Ocean (in production)           Bob Yothers (2023) (feature)

Copycat/stand-in lead actor                  Anoniem (post-production)                   Diederik van Rooijen (2022) (TV)

Fighter vs. doppelganger                      Twilight Dice (pre-production)             Roland Gotjé (2022) (short)


Member of Dutch Dragons Entertainment Stuntteam



2023                 Emotional authenticity for the actor                                          Pattie Martins Acting Studio

2020 – ’23         Stunt training (guns, swords, combat, ratchet, fire, jumps)          Dutch Dragons Stunt Team

2022                 Ludiek Trainingen – training actor                                           Ludiek

2021                 Mulholland Academy – Act for Camera summer intensive          Alex Murphy

2019 – ’20         Mulholland Academy – Full-time Year Program Acting            Alex Murphy & Andre Landzaat

2018 – ’19         Mulholland Academy – various courses and masterclasses          Alex Murphy

2017 – ’18         RJB Studios – Strasberg / Method                                            Andre Landzaat

2015 – ’16         TV College – Camera acting                                                     Nanette Boxman

2010 – ’13         Gooisch Theaterhuis – Theater and improvisation                     Laura Doorneweerd



Official Selection Atlanta Playhouse Film Festival (True Love)

Official Selection Niederrhein Filmfestival (True Love)

Best Ensemble Acting / won (Wanneer hebben wij elkaar voor het laatst gezien)

Best Ensemble Acting / nominated (Talking Walls)



Dutch (ABN, Gooisch) – English (American, British & Dutch accent) – German (Hochdeutsch) – Spanish (beginner)



Directing – producing – voice-over – autocue – stunt fighting – horseback riding – kickboxing – karate – jiu jitsu – snowboarding – cross-fit – yoga – diving (PADI certified) – BSc Criminology – LLM International Law & Politics – MSc Criminology & International Crime

Video material

  • Showreel English 2022

  • Wanneer hebben wij elkaar voor het laatst gezien?

  • Desch Plantpak


Current projects

Currently, Ruth is working as an actress in various upcoming Film and TV projects, as a presenter for various commercial projects, and as an actress in multiple commercials. Alongside regular acting and presenting, she is now certified and bookable as a training actor as well. 



May 2022


Wanneer hebben wij elkaar voor het laatst gezien?

Ruth, together with Jarno Pors and Linn de Groot, has newly established the production company SleeplezZz Productions, with which she has produced the 48Hour Film Project film ‘Wanneer hebben wij elkaar voor het laatst gezien?’, which has won three awards (best ensemble cast, cinematography & audience award) and earned another four nominations (leading actress, supporting actor, use of prop & poster). Ruth played the supporting role of Jolanda van Megen.

Graduated as a training actor at Ludiek Trainingen

In May, Ruth graduated from Ludiek Trainingen as a training actor (kort HBO). She is now certified to work as a training actor for corporate training sessions, government agencies, and police exercises. Ruth is trained in providing exercises in anger management, progress meetings, management training, and more.

May 2022

May 2022



Ruth has portrayed a small role in the new Dutch television show ‘Anoniem’, produced by NL Film and BNN/Vara, with director Diederik van Rooijen. The show will premiere in the winter 2022/23 season.

ALDI commercial

Ruth has been cast as one of the faces (or hands) in the new ALDI summer commercial, set to go live in a couple of months.

April 2022



Geuzenweg 193, 1221BP, Hilversum