Ruth Juursema

Ruth Juursema is a Dutch actor based in The Netherlands. She’s been studying acting at Mulholland Academy since early 2018. She has appeared in 48-hour film projects, student films, short films and corporate films. Besides being a professional actress, voice-over and presenter, she has also completed a Bachelor Degree in Criminology, with minors in Theatre & Film, Peace & Conflict Studies and Intelligence Studies and double masters in Law and Politics of International Security and International Crimes Conflict & Criminology at the Vrije Universiteit.



Ruth was born in Germany, to Dutch parents and moved to the Netherlands at the age of one. She went to high school in Hilversum and this is where her love of acting, theatre and film began. She started following improv and acting classes, while attending high school and nurtured her craft. After high school she took a gap year to travel the world, visiting Central America, the United States and South-East Asia. While attending university in Leiden, obtaining her Bachelor Degree in Criminology, she continued pursuing acting, partaking in a student movie and following a minor in theatre & film. In her final two years at Leiden University, she simultaneously studied Strasberg, Meisner, Voice Work and Camera Acting at Mulholland Academy, where she is learning still.

She has appeared in Open Film Team’s “True Love” (2018), which was part of the official selections during the Niederrhein Filmfestival (2018) and Atlanta Playhouse Film Festival (2018). She has worked on the Yunify E-Health for Businesses program and starred in short films “ChromaGap” (2018), “Wilted” (2019) & “Glasses” (2019).


Pedestrian Park – Fazant – Cyrion Willems (2022) (feature)

Overly Enthousiastic Employee – Mind Factory – La Crea (2021) (short)

Julia (Age 24) – Na Regen Komt Zonneschijn – Film Makers (2021) (short)

Mysterious hippie – The Death of a Paperback novelist – Bram Kwantes Film (2021) (short)

Nerd Girl / Love Interest – Glasses – Jay Partapsing (2019) (short)

Claire – Wilted – Anna Ronner (2019) (student)

Auburn – Chroma Gap – VR productions (2018) (short)

Molly – True Love – Open Film Team (2017) (short)



Elizabeth McKenna – MITH (pre-production) – Dutch Dragons (2022)

Venue Employee – Atlanta – FX (2022)

Restaurant Guest – Sommer Mit Sophie – Ministry of Film (2016)

Royal Guest – Beatrix, Oranje Onder Vuur – VPRO (2012)



Sasha – Pumpkin Patch – Mulholland Academy (2020)

Dawn – Swimming With Sharks – Mulholland Academy (2020)

Nadia – The Vertical Hour – Mulholland Academy (2020)

Brandy – B*tch Be Crazy – Mulholland Academy (2020)

Denise – The Dying City – Mulholland Academy (2019)

Nina – The Actress – Mulholland Academy (2019)



Citizen – Bol.com Christmas Commercial – Dept Agency (2021)

Olympics Fan – Toyota Olympics Commercial – DDB Unlimited (2021)



Self – Goliath Games – Reaxion videos – Fideo (2021)

Self – Samin ICT & Sound videos – Samin ICT & Sound (2018 – ’22)



Veneta (2022) – VLDOHO (2021 – ’22) – Every (2021) – Dahua Security (2021) – Goliath Games (2021) – Sonova (2021) – PROMISS / Hogeschool Vives (2019 – ’20) – Yunify (2019)



2021 – Mulholland Academy – Act for Camera summer intensive – Alex Murphy

2019 – ’20 – Mulholland Academy – Full-time Year Program Acting – Alex Murphy, Andre Landzaat & William Sutton

2017 – ’18 – RJB Studios – Strasberg / Method – Andre Landzaat

2015 – ’16 – TV College – Camera Acting – Nanette Boxman

2010 – ’13 – Gooisch Theaterhuis – Theatre & Improvisation – Laura Doorneweerd



English (American, RP British, French, German, Dutch) – Dutch (ABN, Goois, Rotterdams, Brabants, Flamish) – German (Hochdeutsch) – Spanish (beginner)



Voice-over – stunt fighting – horseback riding – kickboxing – snowboarding – cross fit – yoga – diving – BSc Criminology – LLM International Law & Politics – MSc Criminology & International Crime

Video material


Current projects

Currently, Ruth is working on several commercial presentation, voice-over, and acting projects, including promotional videos for the German marketing firm Schema M, and Dutch companies Veneta, Goliath Games, and Samin ICT & Sound.



January 2022



Ruth has been booked as the new face of Veneta in newsletters, social media promotions, and its website.

Registered with KvK

In September, Ruth has officially registered her own company as an actress and is now able to accept professional jobs.

September 2019


July 2019



Finished filming the Rodereel Competition shortfilm “Glasses”, by Jay Partapsing.

Started Acting Education

This marks the beginning of Ruth’s acting career. She started following classes in Film and TV work at TV College Hilversum and continued her education in more specific schools of thought about acting: the Meisner and Strasberg approach. Until today she continues to expand her knowledge of acting and camera work by proceeding to follow classes at the English acting school Mulholland Academy in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

January 2015



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